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International Pumice and Perlite Symposium

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T.C. Bitlis Eren University, founded on May 17, 2007 by Law No. 5662, aims to serve the people of the region by contributing to the social and cultural environment of Bitlis city and its surroundings.

The University serves with Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Engineering-Architecture and Faculty of Science and Letters; School of Health and Kanık Tourism Management and Hotel Management School; Technical Sciences Vocational School, Health Services Vocational School, Adilcevaz Vocational School, Ahlat Vocational School, Hizan Vocational School and Tatvan Vocational School, Institute of Social Sciences and Institute of Science. At Bitlis Eren University; after its establishment; added new sciences: Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Islamic Sciences, School of Physical Education and Sports and Vocational School of Social Sciences.





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Situated 1550 meters above sea level in a valley west of Lake Van in the Eastern Anatolia region, Bitlis is a mixture of civilizations where a 7000 year-old history intersects with contemporary life.

Bitlis has harboured civilizations from the start of the Neolithic age, and keep from Urartus, Great Alexander the king of Macedonia, Persian, Assyrians Meds, Byzantine Empire and Ottoman Empire. In this way this makes Bitlis keep a treasure in its own and makes Bitlis like an open-air museum. Bitlis is a natural wonder with its natural richness. Bitlis is always an Earth heaven with its cold water and fresh air.

Bitlis is a place of paradise on earth with its climate, fountains, mountains, snowy winters, and green summers. It is a charming city embracing history and nature, including the unparalleled Mount Nemrut and Crater Lake, which is the second biggest volcano in Turkey and of the wonders of earth, Lake Van surrounded by the towns Ahlat, Tatvan and Adilcevaz in a crescent shape and with its Mount Süphan, five minarets, medicinal spring waters and welcoming people. It can be a new gate thanks to its such a tremendous potential for the tourism of the country congested at the west and Mediterranian coasts and is a touristic paradise expecting to be discovered to take over the duties supposed to be done with its natural and historical richness.






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