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International Pumice and Perlite Symposium

Paper Submission


Turkish and English.

Similarity rates:
Total Max. 25%, each similarity should be max. 5%.

Title should be appropriate, short, and understandable. Turkish and English titles should be written in Times New Roman, 14 pt, bold, capitalized and centered format.

Author names and addresses:
Author names below the title should be written without abbreviation, first letter capital and last name in capital letters, 12 point, centered. The author name must be followed by a comma (1, 2, 3, etc.) as a superscript to indicate the comma and address. In the author's name, the superscript must be a star symbol (*). The full address of the authors should be written in lower case (upper case), center, italic and 10 point. The email address of the responsible author should be indicated by the symbol (*) in the lower left corner of the first page.

Abstract and Keywords:
The article should be written in Turkish or English, and the abstract should include at least 100 words and at most 250 words (max 2000 chars). Key words consisting of at least 3 words and at most 6 words should be written in 10 points just under both extracts.

Main Text:
The main headings and subheadings, if any, must be understood and numbered. All main text headings should be left-justified, only the first letters should be upper case, and 11 pt and bold characters. Subheadings should be written in 11 points. In the text, the space between the paragraphs should not be used, the first paragraph after the subtitles should not be indented.

This part should be given a literature review of the work, the aim of the work and its place in the literature should be emphasized. Avoid the detailed literature review and the summarizing the results.

Materials and Methodes:
The method should be given in detail and clear in terms of the reproducibility of the work. The methods used should be supported by previously published references. The changes contributing to the work-related meta-data should be described in detail.

Findings/Results and Discussion:
The results obtained in this section should be included and the results should be supported by figures and tables if necessary. Obtained findings can be compared with relevant literature if necessary. Findings must be sufficiently clear and concise. In the discussion part, the attractive results of the study should be foregrounded and the giving excessively literature and discussion should be avoided.

Conclusions and Recommendations:
In this section, the intent and remarkable results of the study should be given briefly in concrete terms, and the suggestions and opinions to be conveyed to the readers about the results of the study can be specified.

Give if necessary.

The references must be numbered according to the order in which they are used in the text.

if reference is article;

  1. Köksal K., Koç F. 2016. Optical Manipulation of Photo-induced Current in Spherical Semiconductor Quantum Dots by Optical Vortices, Philosophical Magazine, 96 (25): 2686-2695.
  2. Öztürk Ö. 2017. A Different Solution Method for the Confluent Hypergeometric Equation, Iğdır Üniversitesi Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü Dergisi, 7 (2): 215-224.
  3. Kurşat M., Emre İ.,Yılmaz Ö., Erecevit P. 2011. Antioxidant and antimicrobial activity in the seeds of Origanum vulgare L. subsp. gracile (C. Koch) Ietswaart and Origanum acutidens (Hand.-Mazz.) Ietswaart from Turkey, Grasas y aceites, 62 (4): 410-417. 

if reference is book;

  1. Chapra C.S., Canale R.P. 2003. Yazılım ve Programlama Uygulamalarıyla Mühendisler için Sayısal Yöntemler, Literatür Yayınları, 1004s. İstanbul.
  2. Demirsoy A. 1999. Genel ve Türkiye Zoocoğrafyası “Hayvan Coğrafyası”. Meteksan Yayınları, 965s. Ankara.

if reference is a book chapter;

  1. Cullen J. 1975. Artemisia L. in Flora of Turkey and East Aegean Islands, Edited by Davis PH, Vol.5, Edinburgh: Edinburgh Univ Press, 311-324.
  2. Cassidy J., Elder R. 1984. Spillways of high dams, in Developments in Hydraulic Engineering 2, Edited by Novak P., Aplied Science Publishers Ltd. Essex, UK, 153-173.

if reference is symposium/congress;

  1. Akyüz M., Kırbağ S. 2012. Fatty Acid and Vitamin Compsition of Pleurotus eryngii var.ferulae Grown on Various Agro-wastes, 21. Ulusal Biyoloji Kongresi, pp1168-1169, 3-7 Eylül, İzmir.
  2. Tabur M.A., Uzun A., Ayvaz Y. 2004. Why is White-headed Duck Wintering in Lake Burdur (Turkey) decreasing? 1st International Eurasian Ornithology Congress 8-11 April , Abstract Book, 63s. Antalya.


Figures and Tables:
Photographs, illustrations, drawings and graphics should be given in figures. Images, shapes and graphics should be clear and compatible with the offset printing technique. Shapes (Color and black and white photographs, black and white drawings, maps) should be given in the text. Shapes should not be bigger than 16x20 cm. Images and photos should be at least 600 dpi resolution. All tables and figures should be numbered sequentially throughout the article (Table 1, Figure 1), with titles and descriptions. The description must not end with a period or comma. The table headings should be on the table, the shape headings should be centered and 10 points.

Unit System: 
The unit systems used in the articles must be compatible with the SI unit systems.


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