Bitlis Eren University

International Pumice and Perlite Symposium


We continue our adventure, which started with a workshop in May 2017, in order to introduce pumice and perlite materials, which are local sources in our country and our province. The plan is to transform them into higher value-added materials and put them on the market, which is the main aim of organizing the International Pumice and Perlite Symposium in 2021. Participation in this symposium attracted 70 abstracts/full papers submitted to us. In this context, our symposium attracted interest from different countries, including England, Indonesia, Portugal, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Iran and, of course, Turkey. We are grateful for this interest in PuPeS'21 as it is very difficult to organize an event on just one particular topic. In order to keep this issue alive, we got the word of the second of this organization, which we tried to traditionalize, from Nevsehir Haci Bektas Veli University, one of our symposium sponsors.

We hope that we can contribute to bringing the pumice and perlite materials to the value they deserve and to tackle the problems of the sector in the first of this organization that we plan to make traditional with this network we will create together. We would like to thank all our local and foreign academicians for their participation and contribution to this organization, all our sponsors, especially our university, and our friends and students who have been with us during the organization with their support, effort and services.


Co-Chair Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nusret BOZKURT
(On Behalf of Organising Committee)

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